Conference Agenda

Conference Sessions
Workshop: Intel Tools and OneAPI — Intel @ RM#1
Workshop: Amazon SageMaker Workshop — Amazon @ RM#2
Workshop: AI on Intel Platform — Intel @ RM#1
Workshop: KAUST Workshop on Deep Learning — KAUST @ RM#2
Road to Exascale — Intel
HPC and Big Data Analytics in the Smart Computing Era — Prof. Rashid Mehmood, KAUST
Explainable AI — Dr. Yasmeen Alfaisan, ARAMCO
Sequence Models in Deep Learning — Dr. Lahouari Ghouti, PSU
What Makes Exascale an Era – SHASTA Supercomputer — Latino, David, HPE
Deep dive into HPC and AI convergence — Jérémie Bourdoncle, Altair
HPC Fundamentals in the Cloud — Ilias Katsardis and Kareem
Alsawaf , Google
Scaling Reservoir Simulation on Public Cloud: Technology Overview and Benchmarks — Dr. Yogendra Pandey, Oracle
Fog-Augmented HPC for Smart Airports: A case Study— Nourah Fahad Janabi, KAU
Implementation of Fast Seismic Filtering Algorithm on Multicore GPU Processor— Khalid Al-Garni, ARAMCO
Research Computing at NYU — Dr. Mutaz Barawani, NYU
From Tiny Machine Learning Models to Reinforcement, Active, and Continuous Learning: AI-powered Opportunities — Dr. Mohammed Alhamid, KSU
HPC Research at King Abdulaziz University — Dr. Ehab Abozinadah, KAU
Programming for Exascale — TBA, Intel
Perspectives on the Future of HPC— David Turek, IBM
Delivering the future of HPC — Redouane Altubor, AMD
Real-Time Monitoring System for High Performance Computing — Ahmed Abukhamseen, ARAMCO
NEC’s Direction to HPC / AI with Vector Technology — Mr. Masashi Ikuta, NEC
HPC & Cloud Computing / HPC in the Cloud — Jean Claude Daunois, VMware
End to End Cloud Bursting on Public Cloud and Open-stack Private Cloud — Jérémie Bourdoncle, Altair
Bio/Medical HPC E-infrastructure in Saudi Arabia – Landscape and Future — Mohammed Alarawi, KAUST
King Abdullah International Medical Research HPC — Khalid AlZahrani, KAIMRC
An Introduction to HPC on Amazon Web Services (AWS) — Farhan Farooq, AWS
Efficiently run batch jobs using Kubernetes — Mohamed Benaichouche, Google

Latest update on the program was made on 26/2/2020, there may be changes in the future.